The unanswered question

May 27th, 2010

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s press conference has to have been the most eagerly awaited event this year.

Here is the question I had written down and wanted to ask him. I was not allowed.

“Prime Minister, I live in NOIDA, a Delhi suburb. Last night, the lights went out for seven hours. This is nothing new, they keep going out, but the difference this time was, the lifts stopped because the generator had to be rested. An old gentleman decided to take the stairs to reach his 6th floor flat and had to be admitted to the ICU because his heart couldn’t take the strain. Water couldn’t be pumped up and flushes ran dry. Every citizen of India is familiar with the word ‘load shedding’ You have yourself expressed concern about the power situation in the country. Inclusive politics is all very well, but can you indicate to us by when you will have a power sector that performs and every Indian citizen can expect to turn on the switch and actually have the bulb light up?”

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