Tiger Tiger still burning bright

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December 24th, 2009 Aabhas Sharma

I am tired of Tiger Woods. The silly jokes, the ‘birdies’ he hit, talk of sponsors dropping him, the millions of dollars he might have to pay for settling his divorce, the secret place where is hiding etc, etc. In short, everything and anything that is related to Woods is getting on my and I am sure most people’s nerves.

But what I am not tired of is Tiger Woods – the golfer. The golfer who changed the way people looked at the sport. The golfer who is an absolute joy to watch once he steps on the greens. The golfer who on a regular basis pulled off strokes others didn’t even dream of attempting. The golfer who existed in a parallel sporting universe.

Not for a minute, I am saying that what Woods did was correct. But the kind of flak he has been getting is way over the top. You can understand why the media – especially the tabloids – are having a field day over this and are doing their best to make sure that Woods’ achievements become a talk of the past. It’s as if Tiger Woods the golfer didn’t even exist and all that is there to him is sex, lies and infidelity.

Sportsmen, even the greatest, are just humans like us and are bound to err in the walk of life. Shane Warne’s trysts with various women have been well documented. Diego Maradona was a cocaine addict, Michael Phelps confessed to be a pot-smoker, Mike Tyson went to prison on charges of rape and had Evander Holyfield’s ear for a quick bite in the boxing ring. Do we look up to them as anything but legendary sportsmen?

One of the reasons why Woods is facing the public scorn is because he portrayed himself to be a holier-than-thou family loving man. People feel cheated as they probably idol-worshipped him and in their eyes he couldn’t do any wrong. But still, does that take away the fact that if not Woods has made a sport popular which is considered as a rich man’s sport. It’s Woods, who sparked the interest of millions who thought of golf as a waste of time and cursed every time their favourite sports channel was telecasting it. 14 majors, decimating anyone who tried to challenge him on the course tell a different story than what we are being fed.

I am not sure if will we see Woods’ again on a golf course. But I certainly hope we do as no matter what he does in his personal life shouldn’t matter to the fans. After all, we adored him or respected him for what he did on the golf course rather than off it. So while we might feel disappointed in him, he still remains one of the greatest sportsmen of all time and that’s how he should be remembered.

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12 Responses to “Tiger Tiger still burning bright”

  1. Костоправ Says:

    Ну ничего себе, каждый ваш пост просто шедевр мировой литературы=)

  2. Владлен Мядельский Says:

    Это конечно вы классно придумали, пишите ещё и радуйте нас новыми постами!

  3. Wladislavik Says:

    Ну очень познавательно, как вам так удаётся всё подмечать?

  4. Египтянин Says:

    А вам ещё не задолбал спам в комментах, я уже его видеть не могу=((

  5. КрасавЕц Says:

    Классный у вас диз, сами делали, или заказывали? Не подскажите где?

  6. Жиртрест Says:

    Как умело вы пишите, наверное давно свои навыки оттачивали? :)

  7. Квадратик Says:

    Какая-то у вас странная манера письма, но очень занимательная и легкочитающаяся)

  8. Sportrener Says:

    Ну очень всё интересно, но очень мало, требую добавки ;)

  9. Джуманджи Says:

    Любопытный бложек, интересно сколько вы его уже ведёте и сколько с него получаете?

  10. koshy Says:

    Adultery is a grave sin committed by a person on the spouse in particular and the family in general. Speaking of commitment, I feel it figures below ‘prospects’ in the priority list of most marriages, let alone that of the rich and the famous. After all, ‘prospects’ determine even the break up since alimony is a legal compulsion.

  11. deep Says:

    I really fail to understand why people are so mad with Tiger Woods. After all, those nations are full of such people and extra-marital/pre-marital relationships are not entirely unexpected!

  12. Swapna Says:

    If one makes money via the media through endorsements and such, one should be ready for the media to make a few quick bucks through one’s tough times, right?

    Quid pro quo!


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